Tam's take


I hate the word "DIET"!! Its like a 4 letter word for me!!

I am not the healthiest eater as i love my Sweet things. I love that piece of cake or chocolate or eating my daughters left overs :)!! We all do.

So what i say is TRY and EAT HEALTHY MOST DAYS!! If you have a cheat, have it and enjoy it. Limit it though. Have 2 small pieces of chocolate and preferably dark Chocolate and have a small piece of cake, but do it once a week if possible.

So i say, if you want to loose weight, Cut your portion sizes. Eat on a smaller plate. Eat less or leave some food on your plate! (even though we were taught not too :()

Try and eat healthy food and NO carbohydrates after 3pm. If you can do this and not have Carbs at night, you will already see a big difference!!!

Try and eat before 7pm and definitely before 8pm, if you can.

If you want to snack , snack healthy. Watch out that you are not eating too much fruit as even though it is good sugar, too much can be bad!

My Diet is sort of as follows: :)

In the mornings i have a Protein/Veggie shake.

I put beets, ginger, spinach, aloe vera, cinnamon, turmeric, protein powder, a little milk and fresh coconut water in mine. You can use water as well! I also add hemp oil, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar on certain days.

Then lunch i eat 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and honey and cottage cheese and honey! I do have a sweet tooth so the honey helps. But again not too much! 

I snack on nuts or a protein bar or something small. 

Dinner we eat meat, whether red or fish or chicken, usually grilled on the barbecue, so healthy and salad!

This is sort of my diet with a few cheats and of course I WORKOUT lots as exercise is as important as diet!!

Remember, DIET and EXERCISE need to go together. Not just one or the other!1

You can Always email me for some help!

I will gladly be happy to help!!